Send a Girl to School—On a Bus!

Our school needs a bus, and you can help!

Afghanistan can be a dangerous place if you’re a girl who dreams of education.

The Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan, is in its seventh year of operation with more than 400 students in grades K-12. Many of our students have to walk several miles to school even in the harsh winter. Other families will not permit their girls to walk to school by themselves, which prevents dozens of girls from attending. In certain sections of Afghanistan, the Taliban has notoriously attacked girls on their way to school and parents are afraid for their children’s safety. We don’t want that to happen in Deh’Subz.

We need $30,000 to purchase a bus to get our girls to school safely. The bus holds 60 students and is staffed by a driver. Having transportation will enable us to provide the safety and security these girls deserve on their journeys to and from school. Girls who could not attend before will be allowed to enroll.

GreaterGood.143Razia’s Ray of Hope is delighted that GreaterGood is highlighting our organization to help us raise the funds to buy our bus. GreaterGood strives to connect a passionate audience with simple online tools to make the world a better place, turning your desire to make a difference into tangible, documented support for charities that help people, save pets, and improve the planet. By connecting millions of caring people like you, GreaterGood has created an online community with real power to change the world.

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Watch now: “Making a Difference”
Step inside the gates of the Zabuli Education Center. Meet our students and see what our work is really all about.