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Terms & Conditions

The following sponsorship terms and conditions are issued by Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation, PO Box 81052, Wellesley, MA, 02481, USA, EIN/Tax ID: 26-2008030.

Sponsorship Donation

By agreeing to sponsor one or more women with Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation (“RRH”), I agree to pay the sponsorship amount indicated on the sign-up form for each of the students I have agreed to sponsor, and to continue to pay such amounts at the agreed upon intervals until the agreement period ends as indicated on the sign-up form.

Each girl or young woman that I sponsor is referred to in these sponsorship terms and conditions as my “student.”

If I have chosen to make my sponsorship donation by debit or credit card, I give permission to RRH to charge my card directly. If I have chosen to make my sponsorship donation by any other method, I agree to pay by such method within 14 days of entering into this sponsorship agreement.

If I have chosen to pay my sponsorship donations by debit or credit card and my sponsorship donations are uncollectible for whatever reason, I agree that RRH may charge all uncollected amounts in one charge when collection is resumed.


I understand that the sponsorship amount and duration may change from time to time to reflect increased costs. RRH will make reasonable efforts to inform me of such changes with not less than 30 days’ notice in writing, and I understand that if I do not respond to these notifications, I give permission to RRH to automatically charge me the changed sponsorship amount and to continue charging me for the remaining sponsorship duration.


I understand that RRH may hold, waive or refund sponsorship donations at its discretion.

Sponsorship Renewal & Cancellation

I understand that upon the completion of each year of sponsorship, my sponsorship will automatically renew. I agree to be charged the then-current sponsorship amount unless I give notification in writing to Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation not less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of my sponsorship year. Sending notification via email to is acceptable for this purpose. I understand that I can cancel my recurring payments at any time — however, any payments already processed cannot be refunded.


I understand that my sponsorship may be terminated by RRH if my sponsorship donations are uncollected after three consecutive months. In the case of non-monthly payment options, this cancellation will occur after one payment (equal to three months or more of support) is uncollected. RRH will make all reasonable efforts to contact me by all means available when my donations are uncollected.

Account Changes

If I have chosen to pay my sponsorship amount by debit or credit card, I agree to notify RRH immediately if my billing address or card details change.

Data Protection

I understand that RRH cares how my personal information is used and/or shared with others and that ensuring the security of my personal data is of the utmost importance to RRH. Accordingly, I further understand that RRH implements reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards to help protect my personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. However, I am aware that there are inherent risks in transmitting personal data and any information disclosed online can potentially be collected and used by unauthorized persons. I understand these risks and consent to providing RRH with my personal information. (For more details please see the Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation Privacy Policy.)


I consent to RRH using my information to send me details about sponsorship or such other matters as RRH reasonably believe will be of interest to me. I understand I can opt-out of receiving such emails in the future by following the unsubscribe link in an email that is sent to me, or by sending an email to:

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