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Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides Afghan girls nurturing, inspiring educational environments and essential resources and services to girls, women and their families.

Current Initiatives

Educating Girls, Removing Barriers to Education, and Providing Humanitarian Aid


Enrollment Expansion

Afghan girls in grades K-6 are in school in 2023; Afghan girls in grades 7-12th remain banned from the classroom. RRH’s Enrollment Expansion aims to educate as many girls as possible. The Enrollment Expansion program has added additional classes at all K-6th grade levels. RRH enrollment in grades K-6 has increased 60% since the Taliban’s return in 2021, and the wait list continues to grow.


Nutrition Program

Afghanistan is experiencing one of the worst food crises in the world. RRH’s Nutrition Program provides meals and snacks to girls in school, take-home food staples and cooking supplies for students to support the nutritional needs of their whole family, and the distribution of food packages to families in need in our community.

Menstrual product supplies organized on shelves.

Menstrual Health  & Hygiene Health

RRH’s Menstrual Health and Hygiene Program distributes hygiene essentials to over 2,000 girls and women, with provisions of menstrual products, laundry and body soap, shampoo, and new underwear. When the unique health and hygiene needs of girls are unmet and not prioritized, it contributes to declining physical and mental health. Access to menstrual health products is vital to the physical and emotional wellness of adolescent girls and young women, in school and at home.

Afghan girls eating the school provided snacks at lunch.

Educating Afghan girls is the best hope for a better, brighter future for Afghanistan and our world.

Your donations make it possible.

A black and white photo of Razia Jan looking forward with hope.

"We will continue to support Afghan girls and their families, no matter what tomorrow brings."

Razia Jan, Founder

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