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Patti Quigley

Board Member & Advisor

Patti Quigley served as the founding Executive Director of Razia’s Ray of Hope from 2007 through 2019. The combination of her professional experience over the prior 30 years; from auditing and managing operations at large financial institutions around the country to customer service and fundraising at national non-profits, gave Patti the perfect combination of skills to fully embrace this position.

The welfare of Afghan girls and women became important to Patti after her husband’s death at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2002. Patti learned about the vast differences between her experience as a widow in America and the treatment of her counterparts in Afghanistan. Struck by these disparities, she teamed up with Razia Jan to educate the next generation of Afghan girls and young women in order to end the cycle of poverty, despair, and terrorism in Afghanistan. 

Patti has received media recognition and several awards for her work. Patti is a subject in Beth Murphy’s documentary film "Beyond Belief," was interviewed by Oprah on the "Oprah Winfrey Show", and was profiled with Razia in MORE Magazine. Patti's work against terrorism was recognized by The Lowell Police Academy, and she also received a Special Recognition Award for Activism from the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance, an award from Search for Common Ground, the Distinguished Alumni award from her high school, and the Bridgewater State University’s Public Service Award. Patti was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Wheeling University.

Patti resides in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with her partner Bob Dolan, and is the mother of Rachel and Leah.

Patti Quigley
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